After killing a full plate of exceptionally hot wings in downtown Chicago on a cold day, I got onto the train and I started to feel really bizarre. I started sweating and trippin out, and noticing really specific stuff like bodily glares and reflections, like grease on people's fingers and sweaty folds of skin and all that. It was all subconscious at first, but I think it was part of the trippiness I felt from the wings, or something. When I realized what I was doing, I burst out laughing at myself and everybody turned their heads at me, so I put in my headphones. In the next 10 minutes, I skipped through 20 songs and every single one I listened to had some form of "look like water" in the lyrics. "Diamonds on my wrist it look like water make me sea-sick" etc. Humans are weird

Look Like Water is ongoing series of stream of consciousness performances and an abstract videogame based on the image above. Past performances usually included live improv singing and guitar playing, and rap, live djing of non musical programs such as Photoshop and Blender, live-playing the videogame, and dancing around and being intimate in various ways with the audience; like leading guided meditations or talking to audience members about how weird I feel that i'm performing. And like that. 

Gallery below, video coming soon. Scroll down to download and play game.