Limeflower is the score for two conceptual performances involving several people. They can be performed by any group of close friends, but there can be no strangers. There is one leader, referred to as the fruitflower and at least 4 other friends, called the homies. Preferably in a cozy apartment, the fruitflower and the homies should wait until the atmosphere is right before beginning the performance.  

First, the fruitflower has to improvise. You know those videos on youtube where people describe a bunch of really specific and obscure tropical fruits in great detail? Think those, basically. It's the fruitflower's job to make up a whole story off the top of their head about a fantastical fruit. After a lot of build-up, the fruitflower will provide every homie with an mberry - - and everyone has to eat it at the same time. After a few minutes, the fruitflower will provide a tray of sliced limes for everyone to eat. Throughout the performance, the song below has to be playing on repeat and has to be playing fullscreen somewhere in view.

Videos coming soon.



Splashflower is an alternate recipe of the same performance, in case mberries are not available. Instead of improvising a fruit, the fruitflower has to improvise a juice. instead of eating mberries and eating lime slices, the fruitflower presents the homies with glasses of rosewater and gin. has to be playing fullscreen somewhere in view. Optionally, when performing splashflower, you can play with the 3D model below.